Author Emiliana Salomon

The author, mother of two young children, got the inspiration to write the book "Misse and the Magical Night of Lapland" from a desire of having own bedtime story for her own children. She found the art works of the illustrator to be astonishing and presenting a perfect style for the book. Emiliana wanted to create a cheerful, warm-hearted and educational bedtime story.

The author, holding a degree of Master of Science in Economics, lives in France. Years spent abroad have further strenghtned the appreciation towards incredible nature and animals of Finland; this was also a spark to combine nature-related charity with the book.

Illustrator Petra Hulkkonen

Behind the company "Oksi" is Petra Hulkkonen, illustrator and artist living in Finland. Petra has spent her entire life doing art and her inspiration comes from her strong attachment to nature and animals. She gets her artistic creativity from mysticism and stories.